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Since you’re on this page, I guess you want to know something about me.

My name is ABD.Hisham Senin.I was born in 1974; you can do the math,and I was raised in Johor,Malaysia. I love Malaysia because of the Tropical seasons.

Sometime in my late 30’s, I began to realize that who you “are” is different from what you do for a living. So instead of merely telling you I’m a __________ (fill in illustrious career here), I want to start by telling you about a few other things that define me.

First and foremost, I am a child of the Almighty. Saved by grace. A work in progress.

I am a husband of one (Suhaila MD Lan) and Father of three. My mission is to serve them and the world.

I’m an artist. And although I sometimes express myself through various forms of art, that’s only a side-effect of what I’m talking about. I’m a lover of beauty, and my soul sees the color in the world around me.

I enjoy running, reading,traveling, playing the hang (it’s a musical of ragge), eating ethnic foods, and doing just about anything with my honey.

OK, so that’s a piece of who I am.

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Now I’ll tell you about a few things I do…

People always ask me “What is it that you do exactly? What is your business?”

I find it hard to put in a sentence, but here it goes:

“I am an information marketer or infopreneur. My honey and I survey specific problems faced by niche markets, research and compile the solutions, and market them over the Internet.”
(If you didn’t get that, don’t worry – even my parents still don’t know what it is that I and my honey-do. Just have a look at my products and services instead)

Also Here on the Internet, I am probably best known as an entrepreneur and marketer who has made six-figure income online. To learn about my business and get my Income Commander eBook for FREE, you can check out at the blue box of the left of this page.

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